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The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

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ATTN: Katarn [Oct. 17th, 2006|02:11 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Luke Skywalker had been on a diplomatic mission with his sister for almost a week now and missed the temple terribly. He hated politics, but seeing as how he was the leader of the New Jedi Order, he had to be there. Luckly, his sister was once a princess and the leader of the Alliance.

He bowed as a few alien politicians walked by and smiled as his sister walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek with a hug, "How have you been?" He asked.

"Busy, but what else is new?" She responded.

"Where's Han? I haven't seen him or Chewie in such a long time." Luke asked as he scanned the room.

"Oh he's off on some gambling spree. I swear we would have lost half the Alliances' credits if he wasn't such a good gambler." She said jokingly, but it wasn't far off from the truth. Although rash, Han Solo and Chewbacca had been capable and able warriors since the day Luke had meet them so long ago in his home planet with Kenobi.

He sighed as he scrunched his brow slightly. Luke had felt something through the Force, a slight tremor. Leia saw it, "What is it?" She asked in a whisper.

"I don't know. A tremor. I must talk to Katarn. I'll be just a moment." He made his way to a council that was alone and dialed up for Katarn.

"Master Katarn are you there?" Luke asked hopefully.
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Les Crafter's Return [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:27 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Les Crafter had been hiding for a long time. He was, undoubtly, the last living Jedi from the Old Jedi Order. He was the only Jedi with knowledge of the Force through the ages and the only that saw the true destruction of the Republic, his Master's death, his new Jedi Order destroyed, and his family's death. After a while, he had gone into hiding. He had heard that one of his master's, Dante Kamatura, had commited suicide. This saddened him more than anything. He never found out what had happened to his fiance, his mother, his god son's, or the rest of his family. For all he knew they were dead.

Les's crafter broke out of hyperspace and looked upon the planet Yavin. They had set up an old Jedi Temple there after the fall of the Republic, but Vader had destroyed it. He remembered how they had fled for their lives and nearly escaped with the skins on their backs.

The comm crackled, "Unidentified craft. What is your name and course?" The voice demanded.

Les responded, "This is she ship Valient 3. I'm here to meet with Master Skywalker or any other Jedi Master that would hear from a Jedi Master of the Old Republic." He said this bluntly to grab some attention. Once again, he had been hiding for far too long.

The comm went dead for a bit and seemed to take a while before the same voice came over, "Master Jedi, what is your name?"

"My name is Jedi Master Les Crafter of the Old Republic." Les stated.

"Master Crafter, continue on course and set down on landing pad 2-3. Glad to have you." The comm ended and Les pressed on.

Les broke the atmosphere and started his decent. The temple came into view and he could see and sense the lives teaming. The anticipation and surprise of his visit was astonishing. People began to gather around his landing pad and he sighed slightly. He hated big welcomes. He hadn't had one in such a long time that it felt alien to him.

His ship set down gently and the hatch opened. Les stood up and made his way to the hatch, stepping onto the ramp with the regular brown robes. Les looked young for a 44 year old, but the wear and tear or life was evident. He had a large scar down the left side of his face and a brown beard with slight graying was shown. He had a limp on his right leg and he hung his hands at his side, showing the traditional Jedi tunic. His lightsaber was old and rusting and looked as if it had been beaten badly, but it still worked...somehow.

Stepping down he saw an older looking man step forward and he half grinned, "So the rumors are true. The Jedi have been resurrected." He said looking around at the dozens upon dozens of Padawan's and Youngling's.
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Brandon... [Oct. 10th, 2006|01:17 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

" Master Brandon I do not understand your attitude, my employer feels his offer is more than fair in return for your unique services " were the words that came from beneath the dark hood the stranger wore, his accent was not of Nar Shadda and he smelt to clean to have ever lived in the refugee sector. His voice was smooth and icy but it didn't impress Brandon.

" I have told you already that I dont do full time employment. And even if I did it would not be for that bloated slug you call your master. I heard he had Kilik Tel-Kwi killed for not making his protection payment " Brandon lit his death stick and took a deep draw on it.

" Kilik understood the arrangment, all the other tenants made their payments and.. " Brandon cut across him " the only reason he didn't make his payment is because your thugs robbed him 2 days earlier. Thankyou for your offer but no thanks" Brandon got to his feet and began to walk away.

The hooded stranger had never had anyone walk away from him like that and he had his orders. Compliance or death. Taking out a small dagger he lunged at Brandon who had turned to intercept the blow in almost the same moment. With a snap and a hiss a red light shot out into the darkness and the hooded man fell dead to the ground. The light vanished and Brandon walked out into the shadows of Nar Shadda.

He was a loner, he was thief and though he didn't know it yet he would change the future of the galaxy. 

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