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The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

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Searching Dartomir [Apr. 4th, 2009|06:59 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Les and Brandon jumped out of hyperspace and into the orbit of Dartomir. A beautiful planet that Les knew Dante had dark ties to. He wondered if the witches were still here. They'd have to be on their guard. Les shot in the direction of the planet that was inhabited. Much of the planet hadn't been discovered. It ran wild and uninhabited. He got an approach vector and landed her on a platform outside a city. He stood walked to the door, but before opening it turned to Brandon, "The Dark Side of the Force is thick here Brandon. Be on your guard and be mindful of your thoughts. Dartomir is where a lot of banished Jedi Knights were disposed of. There are many untamed and untrained Force Users here. It will be difficult to sense many things, so be careful." Les threw on his robe and pulled his hood over his head as he exited the ship with Brandon. Almost immediately, he felt the Force pulse around him, almost like a thousand eyes were suddenly watching him. But there was no one but a few stragglers in sight. It was uneasy and would be quite maddening to anyone untrained. He crossed his arms on his chest as he walked forward through the city, feeling through the Force as best he could. It felt like sticking your hand in a swampy pool to try to retrieve mud. It was almost impossible to sense anything. Les walked into a nearby security building and up to an officer who was sitting behind a desk writing something. "I wonder if you might be able to help me." Les said calmly as he lowered his hood. "Depends on what it is." The man said gruffly. "I wonder if you've heard the name Dante Kamatura." Les said curiously. The man stopped for a moment the slowly looked up at him, "What do you want with Dante Kamatura."
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Open to anyone [Apr. 1st, 2009|02:16 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Tal walked the grounds of the Temple, stopping to introduce himself to the Jedi strolling about and also watching some of the students with their studies. He smiled as a young boy tried to use the Force to grab a stone and lift it. He was struggling. Tal walked over with a smile and helped the boy until he was able to make it lift a few inches off the ground. As soon as it did, it dropped immediately as the boy saw what happened. The boy was elated as he stood and ran over to another child, showing her what he had learned. She was excited for him and they went on with their studies.

He walked the Temple grounds for a few hours after that, stopping to visit Jeanne who had been unpacking her things in their room. She was glad to see him and they sat and talked for a while. After a bit, Tal realized he had to go outside for a bit of meditation and practice. Jeanne was apparently pretty tired so while she took a nap, Tal went out to the forest and sat with his back propped against a tree. He looked out over a small field and watched a few animals run around in happiness. Tal wished he could be those happy animals running about with no problems or worries.

Tal's senses kicked in as the snap of a twig behind him perked his attention. "Well hello there." He said without turning.
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He needed to get away [Mar. 31st, 2009|02:01 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Leaving the room silently Brandon sought the exit, though he couldn't fully explain why he needed to get out. It was painful to be around the joy and happiness back in the small house. The history they shared was something Brandon would have killed for, at most all he would ever be is a shadow of the man they once knew. He was proud to be Dantes grand son but he knew that remaining with these people would mean always being seen through these blinkers.

Without noticing the transition he was out on the street now, the buzz of the crowd lifted his spirits a little. He found life too quiet away fro Nar Shadda and it was good to blend into a crowd again. Blending was something Brandon was truly gifted at, he could vanish easily and even when he couldnt he managed to not attract notice if he didn't want it. His silent musings and grumblings brought him to the towns boundary, a large green expanse lay before him with a slight layer of morning dew lying upon it. Brandon tied his robes tight at the front and shook out his legs judging the distance ahead of him.. he hoped it was enough to tire him. When he was awoken to the force he found certian things came to him easily.. Fighting, awareness, reactions bordering on pre cognition but most of all was his speed. He outpaced many of the jedi Knights running at full pace and he often found he was at his most calm when he wa running and exerting himself.

The run began, building in velocity. When Brandon eventually hit his peak of speed he could have caught up with a desert skimmer easily. Continuing at this speed he saw a lake on the horizon, without blinking he leaped. His trajectory carried him easily over the expanse of water and he landed on the other side with a soft thud. 20 minutes later he stopped and looked around him. The clearing was empty. With a grin he popped out his blades, the new one Serenity gave him in his right hand. Working through the motions the arcs of silver and blue spun around his body in a beautiful pattern. Increasing the tempo he threw in leaps and flips with the combat, he had combined the style of fighting he had learned from Dantes holocube and from various others. He had combined them to suit his incredible speed, he had to say it worked well and he had never been beated during th trials.

Launching himself in the air he spun like a childs toy with arcs of death glimmering around him, hitting the ground coiled like a predator.
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Packing up Home [Mar. 30th, 2009|10:48 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

[Status |depresseddepressed]

It didn't take very long to pack up the few things she planned on taking with her.

She was in her room, working on packing her clothing into a small suitcase.

She didn't have much, but the house was her whole world. She still didn't know if she could handle being a Master again. She hadn't used the Force for 7 years. She didn't know if she could be the same Jedi she had been close to 20 years ago. Things were different now. But she felt like she needed to give it a chance. If not for herself, for her son. It was the best reasoning she could give herself. It was easier to use her son, then to own up to it.

She was in her dresser, pulling out a few of her things out of it and putting them into a suitcase. She didn't hear anyone come into her room.

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Reunion of Friends [Mar. 29th, 2009|07:43 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
It had been a long time since Tal had seen his mother, almost 3 months. The longest so far. Along the way, he had found a girl that he had fallen in love with. She was a very strong but gentle woman. No Force abilities, but just a regular nice girl. Tal thought he would bring her over to meet his mother. As they walked hand in hand, his lightsaber hung from his belt beating against his leg. She knew who and what he was and had no problem with it. Infact she loved it. At one point, she had become very jealous of him and almost turned him in as a Jedi to the Remnant. That was before she fell in love with him.

Tal strode through the city smiling as people shook his hand, knowing who he was. He introduced his new love probably 10 times to different people. One of them pulled him inside just as an Imperial patrol moved by. He knew that they would be watching out for Jedi. They talked for a while, before making their way back up the street where his mother lived.

As he got closer he felt a sensation in her home that he only knew were other Force Users. His face went from a bright smile to a concerned look. His love, Jeanne, looked up at his face and grabbed his arm, "What is it?"

"A disturbance in the Force. Something....different. There are other Force Users in my mother's home right now. Two of them I think. One of them...has anger, the other.....no....." He said in disbelief and started to walk faster to the door. He knocked on the door lightly as he moved Jeanne behind him and took his lightsaber in hand, ready for anything. His large brown robe blew in the wind as he waited for whatever it was on the other side of the door.
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Serenity [Mar. 27th, 2009|12:07 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

[Status |curiouscurious]

For most of her adult life, Serenity had never truly had a real home. She lived where she could, doing what she could, surviving on whatever she could. She hadn't regretted any of it. She loved what she had. Her son was an amazing human, just like his father had been. She had a fulfilling life. She'd loved, she'd raised a great person, and she had a good career. She was perfectly settled into her life now. She had a cute home, one that she'd made her own. She finally had found some peace. It was thanks to one of the children she'd worked so hard to protect.

She wondered about her own 'children', the ones she'd raised from youth. She hoped that they thought of her every so often, that they were alright and finding a place is the new order of things. She was, and had.

Right now, she was working in her small garden. Naboo was one of the only planets that were so lush that gardens were a pleasure. She grew only flowers, a luxury she had never experienced before this. The small neighborhood outside the castle was cute, perfect for her.

She hadn't seen Tal Jr in 3 months, but he kept in touch. She knew where he was, that he was okay.

She sighed, wiping her forehead from the light layer of sweat that had formed. She looked up, and instantly felt a presence she'd hadn't felt in years. She couldn't pin point who it was, but she knew it was familiar. Her guess was that they weren't looking for her, so she didn't plan on finding them. She didn't know if she was ready to face the past. It was too much for her.
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Brandon and Les's Travel Plans [Mar. 25th, 2009|09:46 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Les sat down hard in a chair and sighed deeply as his exhaustion set in. He was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained from all that happened today. He let the Force swirl through him for a moment to try to revitalize himself and got a boost of energy that was much needed. He heard footsteps walking up behind him and without looking knew it was Master Katarn and Skywalker.

"They boy is very aggressive. There is much hate in his heart." Said Katarn.

"Yes there is..." Les said as he put his face in his hand. "But he is exceptionally strong in the Force. He must be trained as a Jedi."

"How has his curiosity been with his grandfather?" Skywalker asked hesitantly.

"He yearns to know more of both Darksaber and Dante Kamatura. Which one he decides to embrace, only time will tell. I'm going to be taking him on leave to try to find out what happened to Dante. It's something that has always plagued my mind as well. I don't know if he is dead or alive. I must know..." Said Les firmly and sighed deeply.

"Be mindful of your thoughts Les. As much as you and he want to know what happened to an old friend and master, you may not like the answer you find." Said Skywalker as he crossed his arms.

Les sat there for a moment and stood up, "No, I've realized that. But for the both of our sanity, I must know. I don't even know what happened to my old master and his family. Last I heard they were someplace on Naboo, I think."

Skywalker walked up and put a hand on Les's shoulder as Les turned, "Then may the Fore be with you on your travels Master Crafter."

Les looked up and saw a familiar figure, "Speaking of Brandon. I have a lesson with him in a moment. If you will both excuse me."

Les walked up to Brandon and smiled, "Brandon, how are you? How did the rest of your training go today?"
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A few months down the line..... [Feb. 28th, 2007|05:00 pm]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

The slight sound of wind is the only noise that breaks the other wise dead silence on Yavin 4. Yet through its shadows Brandon navigated a path towards the goal of his exercise. The months had wrought a strong change in Brandon. Physically his features had become more defined, as if whittled from rough marble. His cheeks were hollowed and his eyes had gained the haunted look of one who had missed one too many nights sleep. However all in all the look suited him, these days a simple look from Brandon was enough to deter even the most head strong of Jedi padawans from stepping over an invisible line he had drawn in the sand.

Brandons progress within the temple had impressed the other masters to the point of frightening them. He could learn lessons without giving them his full attention. A scolding from a teacher that he was not dedicating himself fully would often end Brandon each and every test he was set with flying colours. 

Yet the most impressive aspect of Brandon's progress was his advancement with his lightsabers. Despite the best efforts of the Masters to disuade him he continued to work with his dual blades and had reached the point that only Katarn could continue to teach him new fighting material. If there was any thing that Brandon seemed to lack was friends and patience. As much as this bothered the Masters it did not matter to Brandon in the slightest. Patience would be there when he needed it and friends only slowed you down. He was demonstarting this in the current exercise, all the padawans were divided into groups of 3 and had the task of retrieving an ornate lightsaber from within a temple. The perimeter was going to guarded by droids and some of the younger Jedi Knights. All the lightsabers were set to the training stats so the worst they could do was burn you. The reason they were put into groups of three was that they were expected to duel their way past the droids, then either sneak past or duel the jedi.

Brandon had been assigned to two other young Padawan but he had pawned them off on some other groups and made his way on his own. And this was where he now found himself crouched over a rock spinning the lightsaber they were all hunting spinning in his fingers. All around him he saw the others creeping forward as if they still had a chance. Restraining from chuckling he dropped down from the table that had house the blade and casually walked towards the forest clearing where the masters were waiting. Quickly dispatching of three of the Jedi that tried stop him he contiuned on. Though no one else could have known his pulse didnt rise over 85 during the whole nights exercise. He reacted to nothing and feared no one. Tossing the lightsaber onto the table in front of the masters he said.

" I believe you guys were looking for this. You may want to tell the others they are wasting their time "

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(no subject) [Nov. 27th, 2006|11:18 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Katarn sat in his council chair and waited for Skywalker, Jaden and the other masters to arrive but mainly he wanted to talk to Luke. He was not happy at all about the new arrival and need to talk to Luke.
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ATTN: Brandon [Oct. 22nd, 2006|04:22 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
Les landed on the planet that Katarn had told him to land on and immediately got a whif of the planet and sighed, "Damn rotting planets." He mumbled.

Ever since the downfall of the Empire, a few planets had held strong to their Imperial 'allies' and still believed, even 10 years after the death of the Emporer, that it would rise again. This had lead to a planet of stench, death, and most certainly pain. Les felt this pain as he stepped onto the ground. The Dark Side of the Force was strong here.

Hearing footsteps behind him he turned quickly to see three young boys with blasters aiming right at him. Les sighed as her turned to face them, "GIVE US YOUR CREDITS NOW!" One of the nervous looking boys said.

Les's hand moved up and the guns were suddenly crushed in their hands and dropped to the ground. They raised their hands in defeat and he lifted them up by their belts with the Force. Dangling in the air a few feet, he smiled slightly, "Luckly for you the only real Force users left are Jedi." Letting them fall to the ground, they ran off like scared kids, hell they were kids, into an alleyway.

Les got a feeling he was being watched again but this time by a person who was trying to probe his mind. The person had no idea what they were doing and he quickly brushed it off like a knat. He put up a Force 'fog' and suddenly the Force user was blind from him. He could see everything else but Les. Les felt the presence of this Force user and walked slowly up to another alleyway where a boy was sitting looking around desperatly. "Hello young one." He said crossing his hands infront of him.
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