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Packing up Home - The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi

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Packing up Home [Mar. 30th, 2009|10:48 am]
The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi


[Status |depresseddepressed]

It didn't take very long to pack up the few things she planned on taking with her.

She was in her room, working on packing her clothing into a small suitcase.

She didn't have much, but the house was her whole world. She still didn't know if she could handle being a Master again. She hadn't used the Force for 7 years. She didn't know if she could be the same Jedi she had been close to 20 years ago. Things were different now. But she felt like she needed to give it a chance. If not for herself, for her son. It was the best reasoning she could give herself. It was easier to use her son, then to own up to it.

She was in her dresser, pulling out a few of her things out of it and putting them into a suitcase. She didn't hear anyone come into her room.


[User Picture]From: fbi_serenity
2009-04-01 12:18 am (UTC)
Serenity blinked, the image of her husband bringing tears to her eyes. She knew that she wouldn't be able to hold onto the resentment she felt. She wasn't able to keep it help in any longer. It was easier to forget about it, but when it was brought in front of her like this, so could no longer ignore it.

She needed to live for something more. This was what she needed. It was all here, in front of her. She could no longer deny her desire for something more. She let the sob out that had been stuck in her throat since Tal's death. She cried for her son, one one she never really knew, for her husband who didn't get to know either of them. She held onto her son, letting the tears fall freely as she let go of her past pain.
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From: walkermaster
2009-04-01 12:22 am (UTC)
Tal sat next to her on the bed holding her in his strong arms. He let her cry out what she needed to cry, letting a few tears of happiness fall down his face. Luke left the holovid on the table as he smiled and stood outside the door.

Tal stroked his mom's hair as she cried trying to hush her quietly, "It's going to be alright mom. I'll be here with you the entire way. I promise."
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[User Picture]From: fbi_serenity
2009-04-01 01:02 am (UTC)
Serenity only cried for a few moments, letting all the pain that was inside her escape out. She took a few seconds to catch her breath. But she looked up at her soon, and her face was hopeful. It was something he would have never seen on her face. "You don't have to stay here. I'll be okay. I'm finding peace. Slowly, one step at a time. You have your own life."
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From: walkermaster
2009-04-01 01:10 am (UTC)
Tal cocked his head to the side and chuckled, "Mom, even if I tried, I couldn't stay away from you. If you're staying here, then I'll be seeing you all the time. I'll give you some time though. Master Skywalker wants to show me my room anyways. I'll be back to check on you later ok?"

As Tal opened the door, Luke stood outside with Kyle, talking about something and he turned with a smile. Luke stuck his head in the door, "I'll be in my chambers if you need me Serenity. Good to have you with us."
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