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The lost Chapters in the Tales Of The Jedi
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Years Have passed since the days the supposed Demise of the heros of the " tales of the jedi". The galaxy for a while was deprived of the protection of of the Jedi as it slipped into a period of darkness overseen by the Evil tyrant Palpatine and his dark Knight Darth Vader. However in young Luke skywalker the Jedi found a voice once again and now the galaxy though never free of the old Empire once again is a home for the jedi and we see that all that had been forgotten is not quite lost. Follow us as we explore the Legends of the next chapters of Tales of the Jedi.

The Empire has fallen, and the republic struggles to finalise its efforts to bring order to the Galaxy. On Yavin 4 Master Luke Skywalker runs his temple for his new Jedi. Though he has suffered serious blows in his fallen students Dolph and Gantoris he has also trained some brilliant new jedi. His protogee being the talented Kyp Durron. Together they have defended the Galaxy against the new threats it has to face including the return of the empires strength in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Rumours of the reborn Emporor.

Along with his Wife Mara Jade and his neices and nephews Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo. And not to mention his jedi, Luke skywalker leads the light for the rebirth of the Champions of the force.

However in the shadows away from the brillian beacon of hope of the temple there are others. Those who herald from older days, days of the tales of the Jedi. The now Jedi Master Les Crafter who has been living in Exile has returned to public life, after meeting with Luke Skywalker he now has his orders. He is to investigate force sensitives around the galaxy and bring them to the temple. And it is his story we shall follow. Thus begins the new chapters

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Main Charachters*denotes Key plot Charachters

note this list is not exhaustive but is a good idea of the available players
*Les Crafter(taken)

*Brandon Kamatura

*Dante Kamatura(deceased)

*Tal Mantalus(deceased)

*Luke Skywalker(taken)

*Kyp Durron

Mara Jade

Kyle Katarn(taken)

Han Solo

Leia Organa Solo


Jacen Solo

Jaina Solo

Anakin Solo


Corran Horn

Jaden Korr

Rosh Penin